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What we supply

3D Air Mesh

3D Air Mesh, also named sandwich, 3d spacer fabric is a type of three-dimensional fabric. Its middle fibers keep the front and back mesh surfaces of the fabric at a certain distance from each other, allowing for excellent breathability and airflow.

Warp Knitting Fabric

Warp Knitting Fabric is a kind of knitted f fabric, by knitting one or several groups of warp yarn simultaneously woven into circles and string each other. Although wit is not as stretchable as weft knitting fabric, it is strong and durable.

Lamination & Coating

To meet the needs of customers for different applications, we also provide lamination and coating services, such as 3d air mesh and sponge lamination , sandwich TPU coating, knitting fabric PU coating, printing, etc.

About Us

We were established in 2019, as a warp knitting mesh fabric, 3d air mesh fabric manufacturer.


Even young, we have served customers with the business philosophy of innovation, efficiency, quality and environmental protection, and striving to improve.


We carefully choose high-quality fiber raw materials of the finest grade to create novel fabrics, and continue to use the Karl Mayer in Germany to update the our equipments.

We serve a wide range of application, including shoes, furniture, hats and garments etc. Not only do we continuously broaden the scope of our product services, but we also help customers to develop and process various types of knitted fabrics.

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